Things You Should Know About Me [Benjamin Franklin] and Us [Benjamin Franklin Plumbing]

Hola amigos! It’s me, Benjamin Franklin. I bet you didn’t know I speak five languages other than English (Spanish, Latin, German, French, and Italian.) Not to brag, but I taught myself all of them.

Anyway, grab your notebook and your number 2 pencil, because I am back to drop some epic knowledge for all of my favorite blog readers [that includes you.]


-I have been on the $100 bill since 1928.

-Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey is currently offering $50 off your first service.

-I invented bifocals to help myself see better.

-Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey carefully evaluates all projects thoroughly to ensure safety, competency, and integrity on every job. This is why we are the most reputable plumbers in Camden County.


-I used to be a Volunteer Firefighter.

-Water fights fire also, but too much water can be a bad thing. We provide emergency plumbing in Marlton and Cherry Hill that can fix leaks and seal busted pipes around the clock. Bonus Fact – Speaking of fire, the Franklin stove was also one of my inventions (an iron fireplace that produced less smoke and used less wood than traditional stoves back then.)

-Rumor has it that I once thought the turkey should be the national bird because it is native to the United States. It does make a little sense. Nothing against the bald eagle, but shouldn’t the American bird actually be American? Food for thought.

-Our company is one of the most professional in America. We have a strict code of ethics that holds our technicians to high standards which leads to superior customer service. We are clean, friendly, and trustworthy (our techs all passed background tests before entering your home.) Plus South Jersey is as American and patriotic as can be. We are proud to be the premier plumbers in Voorhees, NJ, and the surrounding towns.

We guarantee our service. If there is any delay, you get paid for the inconvenience. Transparent pricing means no hidden fees or small print. Additionally, If a repair fails in the first two years, we will repair it again absolutely free. Our work works, and we know it. For more information visit or call 856-552-1765.

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