Tubs & Showers

Finding the Right Bath or Shower

The Shower and bath drain repair is one of the most common household clogging issues. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® one of our specialties is tub and shower installation and repair. Should you decide that a new shower or bath is required, we can help you chose the right model for your needs. As a reference point, some of the more popular designs that we service include the following:

Free Standing Baths – These bathtubs are becoming more popular since they have an increasing variety on the market that covers every type of style imaginable. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, free standing baths can make your bathroom feel like a spa with an elegant tub.

Stand Alone Shower – Separate tub and shower installations provide greater flexibility for your bathing needs. If space is not an issue, consider a stand-alone shower as they can be designed with numerous nozzles allowing water to flow from a variety of angles. This provides for a unique and customized bathing experience.

Shower Tub Combination – Most homes have the shower tub combination since they are the most economical and practical and save on space.

Whirlpools– To finish off your in home spa, why not install a whirlpool? Whirlpools are relatively simple to install and often provide therapeutic benefits.

Hot Tubs – If you are looking to expand your bathing outdoors, consider a hot tub. Hot tubs are large baths filled with heated water that usually have jets that move the water. As with a whirlpool, hot tubs provide therapeutic benefits.

Walk-in tubs -If you have limited mobility, a walk-in bathtubs might be right for you. As the name suggests, Walk in Tubs have a door to allow you to walk into the tub versus over the tub. Many walk-in bathtubs also offer hydrotherapy and are equipped grab bars, anti-slip floors and seats, and showerheads that can be handheld and wall-mounted. Learn more here.

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