Pump Installation and Replacement

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are used to help prevent basement flooding and they provide protection in finished basements. They are used mostly where basement flooding happens regularly or when the water table is higher than the foundation of a home. They basically move the water away to from the flooding area into a storm drain or a dry well. May times a basement waterproofing system will incorporate a French Drain, that will collect any water around a perimeter and then the sump pump is used to siphon away this water. These pumps are usually hardwired into a home’s electrical system, and may even have a battery backup in the case of a power outage during a storm.

There are generally two types of sump pumps and they include both pedestal and submersible pumps. The pedestal pump’s motor is mounted above the sump, where it can be easily serviced (this however makes it stand out more). The pumps impeller is driven by a long, vertical extension shaft.

In contrast, the submersible pump is entirely mounted inside the sump, and is specially sealed to prevent electrical short circuits. Each of these pumps have pros and cons, the Pedestal sump pumps usually last longer (25 to 30 years) if they are kept free of debris. They are less expensive and easier to remove. Submersible pumps will only last 5 to 15 years. They are more expensive to purchase but can take up debris without clogging.

Water Pumps

One major application for water pumps can be found in irrigation systems and these pumps will serve as the heart of you irrigation system. These pumps consist of various parts, piping and control equipment that can all be serviced by our skilled plumbers. In a general irrigation system you will have piping that is connected to the water source via plumbing fittings and the control system opens and closes valves to provide water on a schedule. The control provided varies depending on the equipment used; some systems are fully automated and even compensate for rain, runoff and evaporation, while others require much more user attention for the same effectiveness.

Pool Pumps

Our plumbers can service the electric water pumps that run the filtering system in your pools. The pump in this case in used to circulate the water from the pool through a filtering system.
In this application water is forced through a filter and then returned, treated, to the pool. Residential pool pumps will typically run for 4 hours per day in winter (when the pool is not in use) and up to 24 hours in summer.

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