Benjamin Franklin’s Complete Guide to South Jersey Plumbing

Hey all, it’s me, Benjamin Franklin! But Frankly you can call me Ben! (We have to be friends by now, right.) If you were wondering where I’ve been the last month, I am happy to say that I was hard at work remodeling our website over at to make sure we have a complete list of all the services we provide.

I hope you enjoy this Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service walkthrough as much you love that little invention of mine known as electricity… Here goes:


  • Sewer Repair – From Camden to Cherry Hill we provide water pipe repairs and replacements that withstand the test of time. If you sense a small leak or smell any odors, don’t wait to take action. We will check your water pressure to make sure it is high enough and also seek clogs, pipe breaks, and rust during our extensive inspection and evaluation.


  • BathroomSinks, showers, and toilets, oh my! We can ‘flush’ out the issues promptly and fix or replace broken structures inside your restrooms. This includes bathtubs, jacuzzi tubs, and hot tubs.
  • Kitchen - Our services include drain servicing, drain cleaning, garbage disposals, and faucets. These services are also often utilized in finished basements and laundry rooms.
  • Water Heaters - These generally have a lifespan of 15 years if managed correctly. We will happily take a look at yours to see if a repair or upgrade is in order. Don’t take your hot showers for granted (even in the summer.)


  • Water Conditioning – This is a matter of taste and feel. It may not be life threatening, but mineral-heavy water can taste different and feel less cleanly in a shower/bath. We can help by installing an H2O Harmony Water Conditioning, which is also helpful to appliances that go in the dishwasher.


  • Emergency Services – Our 23/7 emergency plumbing services in Voorhees, Deptford, and beyond, are guaranteed to work. If any of our repairs stop working within two years, we will return and fix it for free!


To view all of our guarantees, click around our website or give us a call. I knoe that South-Jersians (hmm, I may coin that phrase) demand high-quality, and we are here to answer the call. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey is known to employ only the cream of the crop when it comes to plumbers and HVAC technicians across the Garden State. From kitchen and bathroom plumbing in Marlton to sewer repair across Gloucester County, my team of dedicated professionals can help. For more information call today at 856-552-1765.

#BenjaminFranklinPlumbing Joke of the Month:

Q:What is a pipe’s least favorite type of shoe?


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