Avoid Plumber Bummers

When in doubt, don’t.” - Benjamin Franklin

I can’t remember exactly when I first said that, but it clearly withstands the test of time. I was a real wise fella back then. I guess some things never change. The point I was trying to make is that it’s always better to be sure of yourself and have an action plan ready when trying to solve complicated problems such as leaky faucets, backed up toilets, and sewer repair around Camden County.

Not only am I a certified smarty-pants, but I am also a kind soul, which is why I will reintroduce myself even though you should never forget me. It’s me, silly; Benjamin Franklin of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey (and other things).

This month I want to discuss plumber bummers.


Plumber bummer (n.) - A bummer caused by an inexperienced plumber.

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Prolific, I know.

What I am trying to say is, be careful when deciding if a specialist should be called in for an issue. Also, make sure you are trusting somebody with a proven track record to remedy your catastrophic powder room woes.

What’s the difference?

There are many factors that differentiate Benjamin Franklin Plumbing from the other plumbers. First of all, we are nationwide. We have been accepted in over 20 states because of our premium service and friendly customer service. We only hire the best of the best. This ensures our customers clean, courteous, and skilled professionals every time.

Secondly, we guarantee our pricing is straightforward, and our arrival is punctual. For every minute we are late, we pay you $5.00 (up to $300). This is how confident we are that we will show up early for your job. Plus, if any repair fails within the first 24 months, we will come back out and repair it again for free!

Whether you are looking for a plumber in Burlington County or seeking plumbers in Marlton or plumbers around Camden County, we can help. We are South Jersey’s sewage specialists, and we want to put an end to plumber bummers this fall, winter, spring, and summer!

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