Are You Ready For Some Football? (and Plumbing)

It’s another September in South Jersey. Back to school season meets Philadelphia Eagles football season. What a time to be alive.  There’s a lot to get excited about.


Who said that?

-A figure emerges into the light.-

Oh no. It’s Benjamin Franklin.

-Disco ball lowers, electronic music plays.-


I had to come back to get my fantasy football team ready for 2016. Oh and – to help spread the word about Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey.

Making sure your pipes, faucets, sinks, and toilets are ready to withstand buffalo wing season is an important task. That’s why our team of technicians provide thorough inspections and proactive cleaning services. But, don’t worry – if you ignore me now and need our emergency services later, we are still here for you!

Who wants to hear a joke. A Benjamin Franklin original…
Q – Do you know where Philadelphia’s rookie QB is?
A – He Wentz to the bathroom.

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Where was I? Oh yeah. I was talking about how critical it is to have a reliable plumber and HVAC specialist during football season. Whether your potty clogs or your AC unit dies; time is of the essence.

We handle jobs of all sizes. From sink installations in Cherry Hill to sewer repair across Camden County, BFPSJ (Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of South Jersey) is ready to run a two-minute drill for your convenience.

Hut. Hut. Hike!

From September to February we are blitzing the bank by offering new customers $50 off their first service. We are also offering $250 off any sewer or water service replacement. (Not to be combined with other promotions.)

Our Services Include

  • Water Heaters – Make sure your house does not become an icebox come playoff time.
  • Water Conditioning & Softening – After a stressful season, shower comfortably.
  • Sinks & Faucets - Brush that bad taste out of your mouth if the Eagles don’t win it all with some fresh, clean water.
  • Toilets - Functional flushing ideal for halftime.
  • Tubs & Showers – Clean up your act (like Sam Bradford hopefully will.)
  • Other services include sewer repair, garbage disposal installation, and pump repairs.


If you need a plumber in Burlington County, give us a call today (856-552-1765) for your free estimate!

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